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Teachers Group meeting

Following our meeting on the 16th, we have now brought together our resources with the SLExperiments group. Visit and join our new group of the AVALON Ning. The next event will be on 4th March at 19.00 GMT and will be a tour led by Edith Paillat. We don’t know where we are going yet, but all will be revealed if you come along :-).

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Teachers Group meeting

Meeting to discuss the future direction of the Teachers Group. All Welcome. See further detail on the AVALON Ning.

Teachers Group meeting

Our regular group meetings start again for 2011 on AVALON Learning at 20.00 GMT. All Welcome. See the AVALON Ning for more detail.

6th Annual e-Learning symposium 2011, University of Southampton, 27-28 January 2011

AVALON Language Teacher Training Course in Second Life: Different Sides of a 3D World

Susana Lorenzo-Zamorano and Zeynep Onat-Stelma

28 January 2011

In this session we will talk about our experiences on a Language Teacher Training course in Second Life designed as part of the AVALON project (http://avalon-project.ning.com/). We take two perspectives: 

a) that of a tutor (teacher trainer) on the course, and b) that of a teacher participating in the course. From the tutor’s perspective, the session looks at how the pedagogical activities, as they played out in Second Life, represented appropriate and/or ‘effective’ responses to the course aims. From the teacher … Continue Reading

Open Sesame! (Arabic Night) — 13 Dec 2010

This is the first in a short series of sessions on Arabic and the Arab culture. In this session you will discover some interesting facts about the Arabic language, learn some of the Arabic letters and learn how to read Arabic.

We will meet at 8pm CET on the island “Forum Europe” in Second Life.

You can register here by RSVP or drop an email to info@talkademy.org . If you are new to Second Life or need assistance, please show up an hour earlier and send us an email.

Looking forward meeting you “in world” for this phantasmic … Continue Reading

Visit to China

Evening Visit to China, Discussion (Mandarin, English spoken, training Mandarin level A1) 

7 December, 2010

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(part of the train the teacher activity)

Italian Late-Night Quiz Show!

Italian Late Night Quiz Show (Italian spoken, training level A2)

9 December, 2010

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Evening Visit to China — 2 Dec 2010

See our Ning for more details.