Information for teachers, content creators and IT specialists

Here you will find a variety of resources for teachers, content creators, course managers and IT specialists.

The resources include the description of the learning environment used in the AVALON project and the created content. As with all of the other outputs from the project, these are available under an open source licence.

Comparative study of 3D environments

This report lists potential 3D solutions for use with the project and includes a comparison of them with respect to usability and accessibility. The final version of this report includes experiences that project partners had during the in-world workshops, action learning events and the training pilot and aims to provide recommendations to the broader community.

Repository for 2D and 3D objects

2D – 3D Integration

Extending the data model of the selected open source learning management system to allow a dynamic interaction between 3D and 2D environments. Providing feedback for the participants in the live action learning events. Providing educators a means to manage 2D and 3D content during educational live action events.

User Interface Configuration

Good practice in using a simplified and more accessible 3D learning experience to extend the audience of users. This practice will allow people without high end computers to access the the learning that takes place in virtual worlds.  Different approaches have been tested and integrated into the AVALON websites to support learning events.