Welcome to the AVALON project website, your route into virtual worlds for language education!

The information presented in this website (click on the right-hand menu for specific topics) is addressed to anyone interested in virtual worlds for educational purposes and in particular to:

  • Language teachers
  • Language learners
  • Teacher trainers
  • Learning technologists
  • Decision makers in the field of education

The AVALON website provides you with access to:

  • Information about the use of virtual worlds for language education
  • Information on how to Get Started in the virtual world of Second LifeĀ®
  • An Online Community of educational experts and language teaching practitioners who are using virtual worlds for language education
  • Guidelines for teaching in virtual worlds
  • Resources for Teachers
  • Resources for Teacher Trainers
  • Resources for learning technologists
  • Tested Course Scenarios for use in virtual world environments
  • An Open-source archive with selected 2D and 3D content from the project